To submit an online query about Webhosting with TCA Associates, please feel free to call or fill out the form below.  We will be able to use this information to understand what type of site you are interested in and begin gathering price quotes.  Once we have received the form and gathered your information, we will contact you to begin.

Prices below are averages only and include the site design, not any monthly hosting fees.  Actual costs may be higher or lower depending on the complexity of your needs.  When using the form on the right, enter the option closest to your desired style and we will customize it as you require.  To inquire about Shopping cart sites, please choose custom/other on the form and enter that you are interested in a shopping cart in the Notes field.

TCA has the ability to administer your domain name pointers, set up email through email hosting, provide Security Certificates, and other web-based needs.  Please inquire about these options.


  Single Page Sites


  Flat Site $50 average
       Option 1A

  Web Form $100 average
       Option 1B

  Animation $200 average
       Option 1C

  Animation & Form $250 Avg.
       Option 1D

  Multi-Page Sites (up to 10)


  Flat Site $600 average
       Option 2A

  Web Form $650 average
       Option 2B

  Animation $850 average
       Option 2C

  Animation & Form $900 avg.
       Option 2D



















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